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GUEST ARTIST: Danika Ostrowski



Featuring new works by Danika Ostrowski and Resident Artist Christopher St. Leger
With music by Kara Bliss
Opening Friday, Sept. 6 / 6 - 9 p.m.
Exhibit Sept. 6 - Oct. 27
The event is free and open to the public

Chroma. Flora. transports the viewer to another world, where colors seem too saturated to be real and the bizarre shapes of plants feel outlandish. But the places in these paintings are very real and Danika Ostrowski’s work reminds us how remarkable the beauty of our Earth is. Danika has long been fascinated with the color and plant life in desert environments. This series is an in-depth exploration of these two subjects.



Danika paints landscapes en-plein-air and creates in-studio work based on photographs, sketches and memories. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas creating commissioned paintings and developing her own series of work which she exhibits throughout the country. Danika is a dedicated advocate for the preservation of public lands. She uses her platform as an artist to fundraise for the National Parks Foundation and spread awareness of conservation efforts. Danika has been featured as top emerging talent by Western Art Collector and Southwest Art.


Kara Bliss

Accidental Bliss is a collaboration led by vocalist Kara Bliss McGregor, exploring and reinterpreting jazz and pop standards in fresh and fabulous ways. Kara is a veteran musician, award-winning leading actor and singer, a Central Texan of many generations, business person and enthusiastic Lockhartian. Her eclectic experience covers a lot of ground, from singing lead roles in the world premiers of chamber operas by Greg Bolin, to recording string tracks for the German metal band Gunzenhausen Klan. She has performed with the UT Symphony, Austin Shakespeare, Zachary Scott Theatre, Zilker Hillside Theater, and a dozen other stages across Texas, and is featured in films honored at the Chrysler Film Festival, Project Greenlight, and the SXSW Film Festival. She currently represents District 3 as a member of the Lockhart City Council, and leads the business development at Independence Title.